What does the ASL foundation do in Sri Lanka:

This foundation is sprung of a special project of Mrs. Jeannette Otemann.
She is living in Arnhem, in Holland.
Jeannette is traveling 1 or 2 times a year to Sri Lanka. (Travel and
accommodation costs is she paying by herself !) There she provides aid to
disabled and needy people.

In Sri Lanka she is working with a network of nice
locals. She has a number of fixed contacts in Sri Lanka. These contacts are
essential, they speak the language, understand the culture and make her the
ropes to the most needy people.

She visits, with national coordinator Nalin Priyardarsana from Colombo, the
people who have suffered an illness or accident limitation and thus, for
example, become dependent on wheelchairs.

She sees many harrowing situations; people living in terrible conditions and
cannot get proper treatment or supplies because they are very poor.

This affects people who are for example by limiting their
forced for years in bed or live on the ground (!).

Or parents who want to care for their disabled child, but
the child can only carry on the arm because there is no wheelchair available.

Not only distressing for the people (with the disabilities)  themselves,
but also for their family and immediate surroundings.

Jeannette provides to these people, for example a wheelchair, commode chair,
stroller, crutches, walkers, canes etc. etc. There is also demand for
eyeglasses and hearing aids. (See the picture gallery to get an idea)

She tries to offer them a solution that fits.

The contacts maintain contact with the people who have been helped by

The people who gets a provision also sign a declaration,
as, for example, minimizing the risk of possibly by selling the material

If the supplied material is no longer necessary, they handed so that it can be
given to another needy person..

Her project needs money; and it depends on donations and sponsors.

The request for help is huge and Jeannette have also disappoint people each
trip because her budget is not sufficient.

To show this project of Jeannette this website is founded.

If you want more information, please contact us through the contact page on
this website. Or by email to stichting.asl.arnhem@gmail.com.

Stichting A.S.L. - Ayubowan Sri Lanka